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Fire Button

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Now tap below to burn your browsing history. Give it a try!


This dialog in user onboarding introduces the Fire Button, an exclusive feature in the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for mobile that allows users to clear their data. The previous copy was misleading because it suggested that DuckDuckGo surfaced browser history (we don't).


Personal data can build up in your browser. Yuck. Use the Fire Button to burn it all away. Give it a try now! 👇


Explaining the Fire Button is tricky. When I spoke to the developer on the project, I learned that when users tap the Fire Button, it clears a bunch of very technical-sounding data that an average person would have a hard time understanding. So it wouldn't be very meaningful.

In lieu of that, I opted to explain the Fire Button (which wasn't introduced by name in the previous copy) using a metaphor: gunk build-up. I leaned on our delightful tone of voice with "Yuck," and conveyed the sense that users could burn away all that gross leftover data with a quick tap of the Fire Button.


The project led to increased app retention and Fire Button usage.