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ISTE 2019 AR Experience


We wanted to create a unique ISTE 2019 conference experience that promoted our new feature, Story Mode for Quests, which provides fantasy narratives for personalized learning.


To do so, we designed a fun personality quiz (accessible on mobile devices) that introduced teachers to some of the characters of Story Mode and made them an essential part of the narrative. Teachers could use their phones to scan a promotional poster and watch the character they were matched with emerge three-dimensionally from the illustration.


Leading the storytelling creation, I developed backgrounds for each of the quiz results, or different characters in Story Mode. This language needed to tie directly to the existing narrative. Based on these descriptions, I then formulated questions for the personality quiz, with specific responses tying back to each result. 

Our head designer and I then presented these character profiles and quiz questions alongside artwork from the Story Mode feature. Additionally, I worked with our marketing lead to develop microcopy for information we wanted to gather from teachers during the event. The microcopy aimed to guide the user and provide reasoning as to why they needed to provide these details.